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Season 2 : Episode 5

Developing & Deploying Leaders in the Local Church

How did Jesus develop ministry leaders? Should all pastors and ministry leaders engage in leadership development? What are the biblical and practical foundations for healthy leadership development in the local church? In this episode, Kellen Criswell discusses these important questions with seasoned ministry trainer, Rod Thompson. Pastor Thompson has been used by the Lord to relationally mentor and deploy nearl...

Season 2 : Episode 4

Biblical & Practical Spiritual Formation

What is the biblical portrait of personal and spiritual maturity? What are the primary historic and contemporary approaches to spiritual formation? How can church leaders help church members cultivate spiritual maturity on a congregational level? Listen in as Dr. Randy Roberts, President and Professor of Christian Spirituality at Western Seminary, discuss these crucial questions, and more.

Season 2 : Episode 2

Preaching Essentials…(or things I’ve just always wanted to ask David Guzik about preaching)

In this episode, Kellen Criswell, Director of CGN, and Pastor and Bible Commentator, David Guzik, discuss important issues related to the theory and practice of biblical preaching. Their conversation covers important questions, including: What is Spirit-empowered preaching? What is Christ-centered preaching? How should we understand what the apostle meant by, “the whole counsel of God?” What are common preaching pitf...

Season 2 : Episode 1

Calvary Chapel: Seminary & Anti-intellectualism

“In this episode Brian Brodersen and Kellen Criswell discuss the past and present of Calvary Chapel on formal ministry training and education. Important questions tackled in their conversation include: - Why has Calvary Chapel often been labeled ‘Anti-intellectual’? - Why are many Calvary Chapel leaders today experiencing new openness to using theological seminaries for part of their ministry preparation? - Why are...

Season 1 : Episode 5

European Missions & the Need for New Churches & Leaders

Pastors Brian Brodersen and Richard Cimino discuss the current state of missions in Europe, their experiences planting churches, and the exciting opportunities and needs for new church planters, pastors, and leaders.

Season 1 : Episode 4

Women in Church Leadership

What does the Bible say about women in church leadership? In this episode, listen to Dr. Gerry Breshears on pursuing biblical faithfulness and humility in developing your understanding and ministry practice on this timely issue.